Reşat Ulusay

President of the ISRM Commission on Testing Methods

Keynote Presentation: Standardisation on rock characterisation, testing and monitoring with emphasis on ISRM suggested methods, practical issues and difficulties, and future trends

Professor Reşat Ulusay, born in 1952 in İzmir (Turkey), obtained his BSc and MSc degrees on engineering geology from the Geological Engineering Department at Hacettepe University in 1975 and PhD degree from the Middle East Technical University (METU) in 1991, Ankara, Turkey, respectively.

His main research activities are concentrated on engineering geology, rock mechanics and soil mechanics; particularly slope stability, rock mass characterization, laboratory and in-situ geomechanical testing, rock engineering at historical sites, earthquake-induced ground deformations and attenuation relationships, and swelling.

Between 1975 and December 1995, he worked at Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) Institute of Turkey and was trained on Mining Geotechnology both in UK and Turkey by Golder & Hoek Associates under the auspices of United Nations and assigned to establish Rock and Soil Mechanics Division and Laboratories in MTA. During this period, he was involved in a number of geotechnical projects as engineer, project leader, Chief of the Rock and Soil Mechanics Division and the Assistant Director of the Feasibility Studies Department. He became Associate Professor in 1994. Since December 1995 he has been working at the Applied Geology Division of Geological Engineering Department at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey. He became full Professor in 2000. Also he worked as a part-time instructor for the Geological Engineering Department at METU between 1992 and 2015.

He supervised a number of MSc and PhD theses on engineering geology, rock mechanics and soil mechanics. He is the author and/or co-author of about 300 research papers, six major technical books and two technical dictionaries in Turkish and four chapters in international books on geo-engineering and rock mechanics. He is also the co-editor and editor of the ISRM Blue Book and Orange Book on ISRM Suggested Methods, respectively, and the associate editor and editorial board member of some international and national journals on rock mechanics and geo-engineering.

Since Februray 2006 and 2008 Prof. Ulusay is the President of the ISRM Commission on Testing Methods, and member of the ISRM Commission on Design Methodology, respectively. He is the member of ISRM, IAEG, AEG and JSCE. He also played role as the member of the organizing committees and scientific advisory boards, session chairman and convener for a number of national and international congresses, symposia and workshops on engineering geology and rock mechanics. Most recently, he chaired EUROCK2016 ISRM Symposium held in Cappadocia, Turkey.
In 2015, ISRM selected Prof. Ulusay to be “Lifetime ISRM Fellow” and “ISRM Outstanding Commission Award 2015” was conferred to the ISRM Commission on Testing Methods chaired by Prof. Ulusay. He also presented 8th ISRM Online Lecture in 2014. In 2016, the “Hans Cloos Medal” of the International Association of Engineering Geology (IAEG), was conferred to Prof. Ulusay for his contribution to the development of engineering geology. On 2 October 2017, he was elected as the next ISRM President (2019-2023) and he is the ISRM Board Member as the President Elect (2019-2023).

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